Research has been part of Airbnb from the beginning, ever since Paul Graham told the Airbnb founders, "go to your users." As designers, the founders embraced this advice and got on a plane to meet with Airbnb hosts that very weekend. Since those early days, the value of research has been baked into Airbnb’s product culture.

The Experience Research team’s mission is to provide the robust, rich, and actionable research that product teams need at every stage of the product development cycle. As a researcher, you are embedded with a team of designers, PMs, and other cross-functional partners. You not only conduct best-in-class multi-method research, but you develop deep, research-driven product expertise.

Your research is focused online and offline - after all, most experiences with Airbnb happen when travelers are not using our digital products. And you are at the front lines of delivering insights from around the world, making Airbnb a truly global/local product. No small feat when Airbnb is in 192 countries!


  • Inform and participate in product decisions from definition to launch (and after), working at both a strategic and tactical level.
  • Conduct practical and impactful research across the product cycle, from formative to evaluative and everywhere in between.
  • Bring insights about users by a variety of methods whether it be surveys, interviews, log analysis, usability studies, diary studies, ethnographic observation, or a new method you invent.
  • Share findings with designers, engineers, product managers, and others, creating a smarter, more informed and more empathetic product team.
  • Participate in outreach to the company by teaching, telling stories, and creating experiences.


  • Bachelor or Master in Human-Computer Interaction, Human Centered Design, Sociology, Psychology, Information Science, Computer Science (or similar), or equivalent experience.
  • 5+ years industry experience.
  • Experience with qualitative and/or quantitative data collection and analysis.
  • Experience managing projects involving cross-functional teams.
  • Experience with cross-cultural products research.
  • Experience conducting focus groups, in-home interviews, and usability tests in Mandarin (fluency in Mandarin and English is required)
  • Excellent communication skills in both Chinese and English