Careers at Airbnb

Application Requirement: To apply to our 2020 internship positions, you must be currently enrolled in an academic program during Summer 2020. We recommend applying only once during the hiring cycle (October-March) for consideration across all data science tracks. Any additional applications you submit will not be considered. Once you apply, please expect to hear back from our team within the next 4-6 weeks. 

About Airbnb

Airbnb’s mission is to connect people to unique travel experiences, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 Countries.  We are making it possible for hosts to supplement their income while helping visitors from around the world experience neighborhoods and communities outside traditional tourist zones.

Here at Airbnb, we’re big fans of travel. We love thinking about the diversity of experiences our host community offers, and we spend a fair amount of time trying to make sense of the tens of thousands of cities where people are booking trips every night. The tricky thing is, most of us haven’t been to Cuba, so we try to come up with creative ways to help people find the experience they’re looking for in places they may have never been.  The data science team works in tandem with product management, engineering, and design teams to solve these types of technical challenges.

As a data science intern at Airbnb, you’ll be an integral part of our cross-functional product teams where you will face our company’s most ambitious goals. We’ll provide the support, mentorship, fun, and real world experience needed to accelerate your learning and make a real impact on our product; you’ll use data to guide decisions and products at scale. 

About Data Science

Behind the scenes, Data Science infuses Airbnb’s technology with data and helps us understand the way that we share, comprehend and interact with our global community. At Airbnb, one data science job doesn’t fit all. With 200+ data scientists across our San Francisco, Portland and Seattle offices, the way we allow data scientists to deepen their work here is by placing data scientists and our interns in a specialized data science track.

  • Analytics (Master’s & PhD Only) - (SF & PDX offices only) Analytics interns concentrate on using data to tell a story through data analysis, product strategy, product execution and working with decision-making tools. This work includes partnering with leadership to prioritize areas of opportunity to drive growth and quality along with evaluating product and business metrics.
  • Inference (Master’s & PhD Only) - (SF & SEA offices only) Inference interns use their statistics skills to improve our decision-making and measure the impact of our work. They help Airbnb measure and interpret the impact of changes, leading to improved decision-making. 
  • Algorithms (PhD Only) - (SF & SEA offices only) Algorithms interns are those with an expertise in machine learning. In this track, they will use Airbnb’s vast data to develop novel approaches to challenging problems through infusing data in our product and processes. 


There are lots of benefits to interning at Airbnb! Some of our interns’ favorites include:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Corporate Intern Housing OR Intern Housing Stipend
  • Quarterly Employee Travel Coupons 
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Company-Sponsored Tech Talks and Intern Social Events
  • And much more...