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We are looking for talented individuals who will look after a variety of Safety concerns for our community, including but not limited to: Personal Safety Threats, Domestic Violence, Suicide or Self Harm, Child Exploitation, Physical Assault and Sexual Assault, Drug activity, Sex Work and Human Trafficking. Successful candidates will be able to properly identify threatening and harmful circumstances, possess empathetic communication and quick decision making, with the goal of providing the best support possible for the survivors and restore their status quo. 


Successful candidates will assist with escalated issues and initiate the user dispute request process for  personal safety incidents. Our specialists are responsible for the investigation of cases involving  trauma or personal harm or brand risk, and negotiate collaboratively while verifying facts and reaching policy-based determinations for effective resolution. Safety specialists will need maintain high levels of confidentiality while performing investigations, and comprehensively document investigations through written reports and summaries. 


We also work to educate our hosts and guests to promote positive experiences and maintain security and safety while using Airbnb responsibly.  Amongst other responsibilities, you’ll also be responsible for managing cases involving damages, monitoring flagged and inappropriate content, and identify and report trends in online risk. You will work with Safety support teams to develop and enhance internal policies and tools.  
  • Understanding and ramping up core work, by establishing and maintaining rapport with community members, other team members and key stakeholders
  • Recognizing case type/severity while de-escalating crisis and managing other people’s emotions
  • Fully understanding policies and their rationale, while implementing them to ensure the best interest of our community is satisfied 
  • Working with the Safety Lead to develop and enhance internal policies, processes and tools 
  • Ensuring metrics driven performance   
  • Management of cases with varying complexities involving safety concerns, by using trauma informed methodology and best practices
  • Implementation of emergency plans and ability to communicate them in an effective and sensitive manner to individuals needing support  
  • Ability to summarize incidents, collaborate across various support teams and keep key stakeholders informed 
  • Maintaining high levels of confidentiality while performing investigations 
  • Experience in customer experience, mediation, social work, psychology, emergency services, or similar roles
  • Background in advocacy, crisis management, mediation, clinical/non-clinical social work,  or e-commerce customer service
  • Ability to plan, prioritise and organise tasks and communications
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies 
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written (email) and spoken (phone), to help our community in a tactful and diplomatic manner 
  • Excellent time management, negotiation and conflict resolution skills 
  • Passion for innovation with a ‘work smart’ attitude; solutions and action-oriented mindset 
  • Ability to collaborate with internal stakeholders and/or third party providers to resolve conflicts in a detailed, effective and timely manner 
  • Calm and Empathetic - ability to adapt to any situation by personalizing responses and educating our community while remaining level headed in tough situations
  • Emotional intelligence - ability to recognise personal stress triggers and in others, self-awareness, bounce back and demonstrated ownership of self-care 
  • Ability to work under pressure and quick decision making when faced with conflicting demands
  • Humanitarian work or working experience with populations who have experienced various types of trauma will be a bonus
  • University Degree and/or 3+ years relevant experience
  • Fluency in Japanese and English (spoken and written) are essential
  • コミュニティメンバー、その他チームメンバー、主要なステークホルダーとの信頼関係を確立・維持することで、主要業務の理解を深め、取り組みの強化に注力すること
  • 危機を緩和し、他者の感情を管理しながら、案件の種類・深刻度を把握すること
  • ポリシーとその根拠を完全に理解するとともに、Airbnbコミュニティ全体の最善の利益が満たされるようにポリシーを適用すること 
  • セーフティチーム責任者と協力し、社内向けのポリシー、プロセス、ツールを開発および強化すること 
  • 指標主導型のパフォーマンスを維持すること   
  • トラウマ・インフォームドのアプローチと実践例を取り入れ、安全上の懸念が見られる多様かつ複雑な案件を管理すること
  • 緊急事態の対応計画を実行し、サポートを必要とする個人に対して効果的かつ慎重なコミュニケーションを行うこと  
  • 案件を要約し、さまざまなサポートチームと協力しながら、主要なステークホルダーに情報を継続的に提供すること 
  • 調査時に高水準の機密保持を徹底すること 
  • カスタマーエクスペリエンス、調停、ソーシャルワーク、心理学、緊急サービス、または同類の役割で1年以上の実務経験
  • 弁護、危機管理、調停、臨床/非臨床ソーシャルワーク、またはeコマースカスタマーサービスの分野での実務経験
  • タスクやコミュニケーションを計画、優先順位付け、整理する能力
  • 新しいテクノロジーを学び、適応する能力 
  • 文書(メール)と口頭(電話)の両方で優れた対人関係構築およびコミュニケーションスキルを有し、効率的かつ丁寧な対応でAirbnbコミュニティをサポートするスキル 
  • 優れたスケジュール管理、交渉、および紛争解決スキル 
  • 「よりスマートに働く」をモットーに創意工夫に励み、解決策と対策を見出そうとする思考 
  • 社内のステークホルダーや社外委託先と協力しながら紛争解決に取り組み、具体的で効果的かつタイムリーな解決を図る能力 
  • 冷静沈着かつ共感力が高いこと - 困難な状況でもバランスを失わず、柔軟に対応し、Airbnbコミュニティを指導し、あらゆる状況に対処できる能力
  • 感情知能が高いこと - 自分自身と他者のストレスのきっかけとなる要素を認識でき、自己認識能力があり、立ち直りが早く、セルフケアを積極的に実践できる能力 
  • 相反する要求に直面したときに、プレッシャーに負けず、迅速な意思決定を行える能力
  • さまざまな種類のトラウマを抱える人々に対応する業務や、人道的活動の経験者優遇
  • 大学の学位や3年以上の関連実務経験
  • 日本語と英語(スピーキング・ライティング両方)を流暢に扱えること(必須)