Founded in 2008, Airbnb exists to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere, providing healthy travel that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable. Airbnb uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions and talents to become hospitality entrepreneurs. Airbnb’s accommodation marketplace provides access to 6+ million unique places to stay in nearly 100,000 cities and 191 countries. With Experiences, Airbnb offers unprecedented access to local communities and interests through 30,000+ unique, handcrafted activities run by hosts across 1,000+ markets around the world. Airbnb’s people-to-people platform benefits all its stakeholders, including hosts, guests, employees and the communities in which it operates.

As the Functional Manager, you will build, foster and support your team, while holding team members accountable to expectations and performance before Airbnb and our customers. You will adapt your function to Trust Operation Priorities, in addition to owning operational planning and strategy while also setting targets for your Specialization. You will support your Operations teams when attacks, spikes or backlogs impact operational metrics. You will be responsible for reporting at Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Business Reviews.You will serve as a thought leader with your team’s Product Manager(s), and understand how the product roadmap impacts operations to ultimately improve the company’s core business related to the provision of customer support (CS) services. You will be the single owner of your function’s budget. Your scope within the role is outlined below. 



  • People Management 
    • Hire and develop great team members, including leaders and foster team cohesion, strong team engagement (Murmur, upward performance review feedback, action planning as a result of survey(s))
    • Support the career path and growth for all team members; coaching and guidance when needed, holding regular career conversations
    • Hold team members accountable to expectations and performance manage direct reports 
  • Functional Strategy 
    • Build on Trust Operations Priorities to adapt for your function or region, based on customer needs and experiences 
    • Own operational planning and strategy to work towards Operational Excellence 
    • Set targets for your specialization 
    • Accountable for all operational KPIs (some may be shared with other teams)
  • Operations Management
    • Strong awareness of operational health and the multiple layers of your function; operate levers needed to maintain Service Level Agreements 
    • Support your Operations Manager and teams when attacks, spikes, and/or backlogs impact operational metrics
    • Attend Partner WBRs/MBRs/QBRs/ABRs as needed 
  • Communication 
    • Escalate issues as needed, e.g. significant impacts to operations, roadmap or planning delays, conflicts with other teams/leaders
      • Issue, frequency/trigger, format, audience (Product vs. Community Support)
    • MBR, QBR, ABR Reporting
    • Cascading information to your leaders and teams as required 
  • Product 
    • Serve as a thought leader in your functional operation in order to partner with your Product Manager(s) and influence your functional roadmap
    • Understand how the product roadmap impacts operations and provide feedback and guidance to PMs for any negative impact to operations 
  • Budget 
    • Single owner for: losses for your function, travel + entertainment for your team, morale budget for your team, Partner costs, and cost per solve 


Key Relationships 

This role requires building and maintaining relationships with the following stakeholders, outside your Reporting line: 

  • Product Managers, Shared Services, CS, Data Science, BPI (Service Optimization), Trust Ops Program Manager 
  • Content, Community Policy, Training, Quality, ParMan, as potential Cross-functional Areas of Focus*

*Cross-functional areas of focus formalize the subject matter expertise and points of contact needed for non-Ops supporting teams—to streamline communication, monitor business and tools, and to increase the capacity to which we make and push changes. 


Professional Skill Requirements  

Pursuing Excellence



You set the highest standards of quality for your work, and hold yourself and others accountable. You understand the importance of delivering excellent products and services to our community, and you're rigorous about examining and improving your own work to ensure it's always as good as it can be. Even when you're successful, you never stop looking for ways to improve. You pay close attention to details, no matter how small. 

You proactively inform people and teams in a timely and accurate manner. You explain What, How, and Why, and provide all of the necessary context. You communicate clear, relevant, and succinct information to the right people at the right time, in a way that reduces confusion and builds trust. You keep relevant parties updated when timelines change. You adjust your tone and style to what is most appropriate for your situation or audience. You can productively engage in difficult conversations regardless of setting. 

You work effectively with others in one-on-one or group settings. You strive to listen more than you speak, and you frame suggestions as questions rather than orders. You openly receive new ideas and contribute your own. You help others, regardless of ownership or relationship. You're not perceived as a person who slows down progress. You focus on achieving a desired result, not on owning a project or receiving credit for the outcome. You understand the need for an open and collaborative team environment, and you foster this in your interactions with others. You utilize strategic partnerships to achieve your goals. 


Technical Skill Requirements 

  • Trained in and able to comprehend key metrics derived from internal databases, such as Superset and Tableau 
  • Ability to work with multiple dashboards and utilize the data to inform decision making, capacity planning, agent metrics and performance, and maintain balanced work levels across all work types within your Specialization 
  • Understanding and experience using SQL and excel 
  • Strong written interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to analyze complex data sets to identify patterns or trends 



  • You may have 10-12+ years of experience in the Operations job family as a subject matter expert (SME), plus relevant education (often post-graduate).
  • Deep experience leading and managing teams, managing other people managers.  Experience managing team(s) in e-commerce a plus.
  • You must be highly strategic in your thinking, and be able to share your perspective and influence at all levels. 
  • You role model the core values to your colleagues and team in how you do your job each day.