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As the Operations Lead, you will work to solve problems related to how the broader team is operating while recommending changes that will improve overall performance and quality of the company’s customer support (CS) services. You will support the business by providing direction, assessing progress and coaching the team to assist with their learning and development. Your scope within the role is outlined below. 

You will work closely with the Program and Project managers within to stay informed on the status and progress of all changes in the pipeline. You will use this information to keep your team and business strategically aligned and informed with these changes. You will also work with cross functional teams on shared initiatives across multiple areas of the business. You will have a broad understanding of how your team functions within the Trust family and the impact your team has on our community to make adjustments and improvements as needed. You will utilize strong communication skills to convey the needs of your team while balancing the goals of the business as a whole.


  • Maintain Subject Matter Expertise of all Trust work types to take on operational core work or escalations when necessary.   
  • Track Core Operations metrics for Trust Ops to maintain SLAs in all areas 
  • Collaborate with and manage Partner site work for staffing needs, work quality, productivity and metric adherence 
  • Provide regular, actionable, goal-oriented performance feedback to direct reports when applicable
  • Carry out regular 1:1s with direct reports when team gets built out
  • Visualize and facilitate long-term initiatives and new strategies, best practices, or processes to improve Core Operations metrics
  • Effectively manage and oversee day-to-day operations for staffing needs and scheduling 
  • Advise on best practices; coach, mentor, and develop your team to further their career growth
  • Hold self and team accountable for individual or team goals specific to their function
  • Manage volume of work amongst team members to inform capacity planning 
  • Be approachable in your leadership by creating an open environment for all team members 
  • Ability to quickly define a problem or challenge, evaluate potential solutions and execute an effective decision 

Key Relationships 

This role requires building and maintaining relationships with the following stakeholders, outside your Reporting line: 

  • Project Managers, Operations Analyst, Partner Management, CS Quality Programs, CS Training Operations 
  • Content, Policy, Training, Quality, Partners*, as potential Cross-functional Areas of Focus**

*Outsourcing Partner Leadership

**Cross-functional areas of focus formalize the subject matter expertise and points of contact needed for non-Ops supporting teams—to streamline communication, monitor business and tools, and to increase the capacity to which we make and push changes. 

Professional Skill Requirements  

Pursuing Excellence



You set the highest standards of quality for your work, and hold yourself and others accountable. You understand the importance of delivering excellent products and services to our community, and you're rigorous about examining and improving your own work to ensure it's always as good as it can be. Even when you're successful, you never stop looking for ways to improve. You pay close attention to details, no matter how small. 

You proactively inform people and teams in a timely and accurate manner. You explain What, How, and Why, and provide all of the necessary context. You communicate clear, relevant, and succinct information to the right people at the right time, in a way that reduces confusion and builds trust. You keep relevant parties updated when timelines change. You adjust your tone and style to what is most appropriate for your situation or audience. You can productively engage in difficult conversations regardless of setting. 

You work effectively with others in one-on-one or group settings. You strive to listen more than you speak, and you frame suggestions as questions rather than orders. You openly receive new ideas and contribute your own. You help others, regardless of ownership or relationship. You're not perceived as a person who slows down progress. You focus on achieving a desired result, not on owning a project or receiving credit for the outcome. You understand the need for an open and collaborative team environment, and you foster this in your interactions with others. You utilize strategic partnerships to achieve your goals. 

Technical Skill Requirements 

  • Trained in and able to comprehend key metrics derived from internal databases, such as Superset and Tableau 
  • Ability to work with multiple dashboards and utilize the data to inform decision making, capacity planning, agent metrics and performance, and maintain balanced work levels across all work types within your Specialization 
  • Understanding and experience using SQL and Excel / Google Sheets
  • Strong written interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to analyze complex data sets to identify patterns or trends 


  • 5+ years of experience in the Operations job family as a subject matter expert (SME) 
  • 3+ years of experience managing a team, experience managing a team in e-commerce a plus 
  • 8+ years experience in a specialized role as described above; you may have relevant education that provides similar experience. 
  • Bilingual English and Portuguese required.