Airbnb is a mission-driven company dedicated to helping create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. It takes a unified team committed to our core values to achieve this goal. Airbnb's various functions embody the company's innovative spirit and our fast-moving team is committed to leading as a 21st century company.

What is Trust at Airbnb?

Airbnb is built on trust. Over two million people stay on Airbnb every night and the Trust Engineering team keeps our hosts and guests safe and supported throughout the entire Airbnb experience.

As part of the Trust Engineering team you will be in charge of designing and building scalable and robust systems to detect and mitigate fraud across our entire platform. You will be deeply involved in the technical details of building highly available and real-time risk detection services in close collaboration with product, data science and operations teams to understand ever evolving attack vectors and to keep Airbnb a safe and trusted community.

There are still many unsolved problems to tackle in both online and offline risk, and we're looking for talented engineers to solve these challenges with us.

What is a Full Stack Software Engineer on Trust at Airbnb?

As a Full Stack engineer on Trust, you help keep Airbnb users safe by working across diverse teams and systems to enable sophisticated fraud prevention strategies. You are eager to understand complex systems top to bottom and thrive working across technologies and codebases. Your contributions take a variety of shapes:

  • Creating powerful user experiences to collect and verify user data, while building trust with the user on the brand and community
  • Building a long-term technology stack with well defined APIs that is service-oriented, modular, granular, observable, and efficient
  • Designing state of the art backend systems to empower real time detection and mitigation of risk, incorporating thousands of signals from across the Airbnb platform
  • Authoring and analyzing data pipelines to find new opportunities and metrics

What problems are we solving on Identity?

  • Reputational Identity 

As a part of the team, your mission will be to collaborate across the organisation to broaden the definition of our users from a black and white, verified vs non verified, to a spectrum of “trustworthiness” signals.We want to become experts in human behavior. Who are good users? Who are potential fraudsters and bad actors? We created a multi-tiered system of user verifications to confirm that a user is who they say they are. The Airbnb bar for verification is one of the highest in the industry, since our users meet in the real world, and confirming their identity is the foundation of all trustworthy transactions.


  • Identity Misuse  

We are tackling a big problem of users misusing the Identity flow by submitting fake, photoshopped and stolen IDs, allowing them to do fraudulent activities on the platform and eroding trust for our good users. Your objective will be to improve our existing machine learning model by discovering and integrating new user signals (both internal, and external signals like vendors). You’ll get an opportunity to work directly with our policy team to understand new trends and dynamically refine our detection of misuse to reduce fraud and prevent safety incidents.

  • Vendor Optimization

Vendors are a critical part of the Identity pipeline. There are a lot of opportunities to optimize our integration with our vendors, consistently evaluate their performance, dynamically route volumes to better performing vendors. There’s also a huge opportunity to start investing in ML/Computer Vision/AI to reduce our dependence on external vendors. As a part of the team, you’ll lead high impact initiatives to unblock huge cost savings and reduce dependency on our vendors. 

  • Improve our capture and review solution 

Our product flow on native and web clients is highly dynamic, tailoring the information collected from the user based on what we already know about them. We have deep instrumentation to enable analyzing diverse user journeys through our product, and are continuously identifying opportunities to increase conversion through our flows. But there’s a lot more that we can do to improve the user experience of our users. We also want to ensure our products are accessible to all users. You’ll help us leverage ML and computer vision on native and web devices to guide users through our capture solution, providing them live feedback on the quality of their capture and help them get verified.  

Minimum Requirements:

  • 5+ years of industry experience on large scale systems
  • Passion for delivering products end-to-end, from ideation through planning and scoping to implementation and experimental A/B testing
  • Experience in any of the following: Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript, Python/Django, C/C++
  • Ability to write high performance production quality code
  • Exposure to architectural patterns of large, high-scale web applications, such as well-designed APIs, high volume data pipelines, and efficient algorithms.
  • Experience or desire to work collaboratively in cross-functional teams with design, product, data science, and research partners.
  • Machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, large-scale data mining or artificial intelligence experience is a plus, but not a requirement