Connect Engineering Apprenticeship

A paved road to a new career, no matter the path you’ve taken.

Applications Open February 2025 A group photo of our latest Connect Apprenticeship Program cohort. The apprentices are smiling, with three kneeling in front and five standing behind, next to the program lead. Behind the group is a living greenery wall.

What it’s about

The Connect Engineering Apprenticeship Program bridges the opportunity gap for entry-level engineering candidates. Candidates from underrepresented backgrounds and unconventional paths are encouraged to apply.

Engineering apprentices gain invaluable exposure to Airbnb's global-scale tool and tech stack, contributing to the enhancement of our guests' and hosts' experiences through their shipped projects.

  • Country: United States of America
  • Eligibility: Bootcampers, self-taught coders, 
and associate degree holders
  • Application Window: February
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Function: Software Engineering
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What to expect

Curated curriculum

During the initial three months of the program, we support apprentices in familiarizing themselves with Airbnb's preferred tools and tech stack. This training period facilitates a comprehensive understanding of codebases at scale and exposes apprentices to trainings designed by expert engineers at Airbnb.


An experienced member of the engineering team serves as a dedicated mentor, offering guidance in various areas, including technical skills and fostering relationships across the company.

Experiential learning

Apprentices actively engage in real tasks and projects, receiving scoping, pairing, and code review support from a dedicated engineer. Allowing apprentices to refine their technical skills while working closely alongside experienced engineers.

Professional Development

Apprentices actively participate in fireside chats with leadership and engage in workshops to foster the development of essential non-technical skills.

Who’s it for

You do not have a 4-year
Computer Science degree; 

Your coding skills were
acquired through online courses, community college classes, or a coding bootcamp;

You have at least two years of work experience, but less than one year of professional software engineering
experience; and...

You can convert a problem to code, implement basic functions (if statements, for/while loops) and control flow in a programming language used in our codebase (React, Rails, Express)

Hear from our Connect alumni

Headshot of Marissa A. (Connect Alumni)
“Being a part of the Connect Apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to start my career as a Software Engineer with a program that is structured around support, learning, and growth. I am so grateful to be kick starting my career at a company that focuses its efforts on inclusion.”

Marissa A.

2021 Connect Alumni
Headshot of David B. (Connect Alumni)
“I made a big leap moving from art to engineering. Honestly the transition was scary but after joining Airbnb connect apprenticeship and being guided by the most kind, helpful, smart, people-first engineers. I can't think of a better place to have started out this new career.”

David B.

2020 Connect Alumni
Headshot of Ika O. (Connect Alumni)
“You will find fantastic resources and mentorship from senior engineers at Airbnb. I considered it a rare opportunity to explore Airbnb's frontend, backend, Android/IOS app, and cloud infra, before committing to a team.”

Ika O.

2021 Connect Alumni